Munich, Germany

Munich was not at all what I expected it to be. I pictured 1) a city with a definite rural feel, 2) tourists on every street corner, and 3) lots and lots and lots of beer.

With that said, the reality was: 1) The area we were staying in Munich felt just like any normal city in the United States, to be honest, which was a huge let down. 2) People in the area our hostel was (which was pretty central in the city) were not American nor were acting American. It seemed like there were a ton of locals. Even when we went shopping or sightseeing. 3) Obviously, there was a lot of beer.


I think I must have planned the trip poorly or something, because, out of all the cities in Germany, it was the least interesting to me. But it is obviously such a popular destination so I must have been missing something. We should have come during Oktoberfest I guess. Part of the problem was that it was rainy and cold the entire time we were there. I feel like if the weather had been better, we could have gone to the Englischer Gartens and relaxed in the sun there or perhaps go to a Biergarten or two. Instead, we ended up being cooped up in the lobby of our hostel, Wombats City Hostel. We managed to make it to the Hofbrauhaus and see the Glockenspiel and all that, though. And we even fit in a bit of shopping. Overall, we still managed to have fun despite the bad weather and I was left wanting to definitely come back to Munich when hopefully the weather was a bit better.

IMG_1084Right when we got to the train station from Heidelberg, we were immediately lost. The hostel was pretty much right across the street from the station (which is why I wanted to book it in the first place; simplicity), but it ended up not being simple or easy to find it at all. We didn’t know where the best place for us to exit from the station was, so we just kind of found an exit and went with it. Of course, we ended up not near our hostel and wandered around for at least 30 minutes before asking for directions from an employee at a Mexican restaurant called Taco Libre. We ended up getting dinner there and it was pretty good. Ultimately, we found the hostel.

We all felt tired. I know I was at the point in the trip where I was just completely running out of gas. It was unfortunate that this happened in Munich, because we were all too tired to really try to explore the city and see/do all the things you are supposed to do in Munich, but at least we still managed to get some of it in.

IMG_1073Viktualienmarkt was the first place we went the day after we got there. Walking around and seeing all the different stalls with really cute, delicious, or tacky things was super fun and relaxing. I bought a Christmas ornament for my mom at a stall that looked like it was catered to old ladies. Not to worry though, this ornament was the least old lady thing I found in there.



IMG_1071Eventually, I ended up going off and wandering around on my own after Sydney and Kyla went back to the hostel. I found my way inside the Frauenkirche and explored it. I love visiting churches so I was glad when I accidentally happened upon it. The architecture was beautiful.


After that, I found another church, St. Peterskirche, but this time I didn’t go inside. Instead, I climbed the tower to the top and found some breathtaking views of the city. There were stairs upon stairs upon stairs, but eventually I reached the top.



IMG_1106I could even see the church I had just been in from up there.


I got pretty hungry, so for lunch I went back to Viktualienmarkt and bought myself something I had wanted to try in Germany for years: Weisswurst, Bratwurst, and a Brezel (pretzel)! The Weisswurst had currywurst on it if I remember correctly from looking at the picture. They were all really good! The pretzel was really hard, though, and lacking salt; not at all like our American soft pretzels back home, but I still thought it was pretty tasty. It had finally started to feel like I was in Munich

IMG_1101The next day, because I felt like I was missing a pair of European boots (all I had to wear in that cold, rainy weather was a pair of black Tevas, which was just not doing it), we went shopping at Neuhauser and Kaufinger Straße. There were like five or six H&Ms all within a few streets of each other. Insanity! I found the perfect pair of black booties, a few pairs of cute earrings, and even a leather jacket.

That night, we went to the Hofbrauhaus. I didn’t bring my camera so I didn’t take any pictures, but that was a ton of fun, too. However, the food was fairly disgusting. I hated what I ordered so much. It was some kind of meat platter or something — I really don’t know but I didn’t like it. I also bought some souvenirs at the shop (of course).

I definitely have to go back to Munich someday, because I definitely missed a lot of it. I especially wanted to see the Englischer Gartens, but, regretfully, the weather just kept us away. I would really like the chance to explore the city some more. Maybe Oktoberfest at some point down the line? But, in Paris, our next European destination, we definitely managed to cover a lot… regardless of the fact that we unfortunately did not even see the Arc de Triomphe! Crazy right?


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