Key Largo, Florida, USA

In June 2015, my family rented a condo at Ocean Pointe Suites in Key Largo for a couple of nights after visiting Key West. Our room was a five minute walk to the water and the sunsets in the evening were gorgeous. There was also some decent snorkeling right off the coast, a small little man-made beach, and a cute gazebo jutting out into the water.

Also, my little sister Katie, the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive sister I’ve ever had, managed to find all the cats in the neighborhood and decided to make it her mission to feed them….. Crazy cat lady:

We spent our few days in Key Largo just lounging around and enjoying the warm weather and stunning views. We ate some key lime pie, played some Settlers of Catan, and just generally chilled.

At nearby Islamadora, there’s a place called Robbie’s where you can feed the tarpons. We had to drive back down south to get there, which bothered a few of us (the kids), but when we got there we all unexpectedly had a ton of fun! IMG_2290

Basically, the deal with feeding the tarpons is that you pay a few dollars for a bucket of fish that you dangle over the edge of the dock to tempt fish (tarpons) to leap out of the water with their unhinged jaws and wide-open eyes. This all results in giggling, cackling, screaming, and just general merriment on the humans’ part. The tarpons probably felt a bit differently. Some of the photos of the tarpons getting fed are pretty exhilarating, actually:




The fish that was being fed to the tarpons led to some very expectant pelicans hanging around, too:

The next day, we went snorkeling at Key Largo’s John Pennenkamp Coral Reef State Park. We took a boat to get out there and it was some pretty decent snorkeling. I saw a cowfish, stingray, sea turtle, and tons of different fish (shy, big parrot fish are my favorite!) It was kind of treacherous at times because I guess it must have been high tide and the reef was incredibly shallow so there were times where we were so close to hitting the coral. Probably not as good as snorkeling in Turks and Caicos, but I thought it was extremely beautiful!


The next day, we were out of Key Largo and on to Everglades National Park and Miami! But not before enjoying a beautiful Florida Keys sunset and sunrise from the balcony.


exploring KEY LARGO.png
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A year ago today, on April 28th, 2015, I made the decision to start a travel blog, so, in my excitement, I created this WordPress site after little thought process and much passion. A few days earlier, I had just booked a flight to Berlin that left half a month later (May 13th, 2015) and a flight leaving three weeks later out of Madrid (June 1st, 2015). I thought I would be able to blog from each city and update my friends and family on what I was doing on my European adventure. I even took pictures of my packing process, planning to create a post on “What to Bring Backpacking for 3 Weeks in Europe.” But when I got there, I soon realized what a waste of time that would be as I was busy packing in all the sightseeing and food-eating and just generally having a great time so I gave up on my far-fetched idea of running a travel blog.

From there, Inconsistent Voyages has evolved into an online travel journal of sorts. It sat around on this little corner of the Internet for half a year, collecting cyber dust and waiting patiently for me to have the time and patience to work on it. Over winter break, I realized I had been drowning in my academic life and needed an escape from reality. So I let travel blogging transport me back in time to foreign places and forgotten stories. I’ve really loved putting energy into working on my blog and am excited to see where I can go with this.

Thank you to anyone who reads my posts — I hope you enjoy them! I love reading and responding to your comments. To those I follow on WordPress, thank you for sharing your own stories as it gives me the opportunity to see what strangers are up to all around the world. Safe travels to those I’ve met along the way. xx, Callie



  1. Hi Callie,
    I love reading your travel journals. Ha ha….we are coming into Kennywood Season. You may want to write about your adventures there.

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