Hamilton, Bermuda

In July this summer, I spent a few days in Bermuda. Before visiting, I had assumed that there wouldn’t be much to do on the island and so it would be an “island life” vacation: wiggling toes in the sand, sipping piña coladas, and soaking up the sun. But it turns out there’s so much to do in Bermuda! For me, it actually ended up being more adventurous than relaxing.

We started out by just wandering around the capital city of Hamilton,  where our ship was docked. There were some pretty parks, pictured here is Par-La-Ville Park right in the center of the city, and plenty of beautiful tropical flowers. We were even able to find wifi at a library.

At first, we got around the city by foot. On our way to Fort Hamilton, we stopped at a thrift store where, me being me, I bought a bunch of books. I’m still reading the 500 page biography about Roald Dahl that I found there on a whim– it’s great!

The fort was built in the 1870s and provides panoramic views of the city below.  It was fun walking around and just exploring. It has a sort of lush jungle feel and the tunnels and overgrown moat were my favorite parts of the fort.

Next, we took the famous pink buses to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse outside of Hamilton and climbed to the top. The above picture says it all. You can see the city in the distance on the right. Out of the frame, on the left, is where the port where the cruise ships dock.

At night, we wandered the streets and ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant.


In a place so famous for its pink sand beaches, it was refreshing to see what a dynamic island Bermuda really is.




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